Dear customers,

we are closed till August 16th. Feel free to contact us for any questions.


 Easter and holidays in May 2021 – working time


Dear Customers,

we would like to inform you about working hours during the upcoming holidays:

30.04.2021 (Friday) – non-working day.

01.05.2021 (Saturday) – non-working day.

02.05.2021 (Sunday) – non-working day.

03.05.2021 (Monday) – non-working day.

04.05.2021 (Tuesday) – non-working day. .

06.05.2021 (Thursday) – working day.

22.05.2021 (Saturday) – non-working day. 

23.05.2021 (Sunday) – non-working day.

24.05.2021 (Monday) – non-working day. 


 About the delivery of parcels to private addresses in Sweden and Finland by courier services 

Dear Customers,

As of 15.10.2019, Finland and Sweden are improving their delivery process because of the recent trends among the private customers.

I those two countries, 95% of the private customers expect and demand to receive their parcels in a Pick-up point.

Following their demands, our partners will redirect every parcel destined to a private address to the nearest Pick-up point for the recipient.

This change will have a positive effect on the transit times for parcels to Sweden and Finland, as well as on the flexibility for the private recipients when expecting a parcel.

Parcels sent to business addresses will not be affected by this change. Those parcels will continue to be directed to the recipient’s address and will not be redirected to the nearest Pick-up point.