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One of the Nature`s secrets is in the healing properties of snails. The snail can be a real cure for the skin. His mucus contains allantoin, collagen, glycolic acid, minerals, vitamins A, C and E, coenzymes, antioxidants, natural antibiotics and immunomodulators. This is a set of drugs that come directly from the natural pharmacy.

Using the ingredients separately won`t lead to the desired effect. Their strength lies in their joint effect (synergism).

The presence of these organic ingredients stimulates the repair processes in the skin. The beneficial effect of the extract of snail was found in antiquity by the father of medicine, Hippocrates,who used it as an anti-wrinkle ointment. After long observation, he noticed that the snail does not suffer from skin infections due to anti-inflammatory properties of the mucus. The skin of the snail has similar structural elements such as ours and therefore a similar effect occurs when applied to humans.

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Cream-concentrate with snail extract

7.50 €  

Product code: 77140. 50 ml
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Hand cream with snail extract

2.30 €

Product code: 77147. 100 ml
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Intensive anti-aging serum Snail extract

6.50 €  

Product code: 77142. 30 ml
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Regenerating face mask with Snail Extract

5.50 €  

Product code: 77144. 177 ml
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Eye contour cream with snail extract

7.00 €  

Product code: 77145. 30 ml
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Family cream Face&Body with snail extract

5.50 €
5.00 €
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Product code:77149. 200 ml
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