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Argan oil is extracted from the “Argan” tree which grows only in southwestern Morocco and is one of the most expensive essential oils, along with rose oil. Like many other valuable spices came through Morocco, Argan oil began to be used first in the gourmet kitchen and in cosmetic companies later on, which discover its prominent anti-ageing effect.

The oil is rich in essential fatty acids which help to correct the inevitable flaws that occur with age and whose results are dehydration of the skin and loss of elasticity. Restores and protects skin from drying and harmful external influences, preventing early aging.

Contains antioxidants, vitamins A and E, substances such as antibiotics and fungicides, saponins, which keep the skin smooth and soft, and sterolini (phytosterols), which eliminate inflammation and eczemas, improve skin regeneration and retain its moisture.

Argan Oil binds free radicals and thus slows down skin aging. Restores the hydro lipid layer of the skin and improves the condition of the cells of the dermis, strengthens hair roots, heals wounds. Oil also helps to rejuvenate the skin, moisturizing and smoothing wrinkles.

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