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Bleaching kit Prestige Be Extreme 2XL

Product code: 68. 144g

( Rosa Impex )
2.20 €

Formula without ammonia.

Enhanced formula with a double dose luminous powder - lightenes up to 7 shades.

For pre-lightening or bleaching hair to achieve maximum results using toners BeExtreme Guaranteed maximum result even at first use.


1. Developer 100 ml

2. Bleaching powder 2 X 22 g

3. Instructions for use

4. Protective gloves


Place the protective gloves. Open the bottle with the developer and pour the entire content into a nonmetallic container for mixing. Add the bleaching powder in the same container. Mix with suitable plastic or wooden stirrer to form a homogeneous mixture. Apply on unwashed hair. The time of exposure can be chosen by the table below. Use the mixture immediately and only once. It should not be used in henna treated hair, and after permanent waving or straightening.The interval between the two applications must be at least 20 days. To achieve maximum coloring effect with toners BeExtreme,your hair must be bleached to a very light blond color. If your hair is dark and the desired light blonde color cannot be obtained from the first time, repeat the procedure after a minimum 20 days. If your hair is colored before bleaching, remove the coloring from your hair, using the „System for removing the color from permanently colored hair DeCOLOR TIME“.

* If your hair is black, the degree of illumination largely depends on the structure of your hair and its color. For natural black hair - you can use the time which is necessary for the dark maroon hair, but the illumination will be a one-two tons less, so we recommend you to do a sample illumination of small strand of your hair. Depending on the initial color of your hair, the lightening process can pass through red and / or orange tones that gradually pass into the blond color. Therefore, do not shorten the time of impact

When you lighten your hair, the mixture should not leave on it more than 45 minutes!!! Checking the impact is not a mandatory step, but it can help you to orient more accurately to define the final results. 20 minutes after the application of the mixture, remove a strand and check the result. If the desired result is not obtained, apply the mixture back into the strand and let the product act. This procedure can be done at any time during the entire process of lightening. After the time of effect, rinse your hair with warm water,then wash with a mild shampoo.


Take ¼ plastic teaspoon from thr bleaching powder and mix it with a teaspoon of water. Mix well with a plastic or a wooden stirrer. Apply a small amount of the mixture on your elbow. Avoid contact with clothing. Close the sachet of bleaching powder using a scotch tape. After 45 min. wash your skin well from the mixture, with warm water. If you have any reaction during the test or in the next 48 hours do not use the product. In the event of an allergic reaction immediately rinse your hair with warm water and stop he process of bleaching.

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