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Hair Color Aroma №38 Shiny blond

Product code: 38. 45 ml

( Aroma )
2.30 €

AROMA COLOR - permanent hair color cream for a radiant and vivid hair color.

The new hair dye formula is enriched with intensive pigments and natural macadamia oil. It protects and nourishes hair during coloring.

Macadamia oil is famous with its restoring and therapeutic features. It hydrates and strengthens the hair fibre, while giving a dazzling shine and more intensity of the color.

The conditioner with a natural recovering complex of aloe vera and jojoba oil gives the hair velvety softness and helps make it easier to comb.

Results after hair coloring:

- Gorgeous, deep, saturated tint

- Long-lasting color and shine

- 100% of grey hair coverage

- Strong, vivid and nourished hair

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