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Eye cream Royal Rose

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The delicate zone around the eyes needs special cares, as the skin there is very soft, it doesn't contain greasy cells the wrinkles appear there first.

The cream is easily absorbed, it hydrates in depth and makes the thin lines smooth in the delicate zone around the eyes.


- A biologically active complex, which activly soften and moisturize the skin, leaving a feeling for comfort and mildness.

- Rose water, included in the ingrediens, is incredibly rich in active substances, which stimulate the regeneration and strenghten the preventive functions of the skin

- Green tea extract, with anti inflammatory and strenghtening effect, acting as an antioxidant and a photo prevention

- Macadamia oil, owning a strong hydrating and restructuring action with high permeability

- Vitamin E, as a strong anti oxidant, slows down the oxidizing processes in the cells, eliminates the dryness and the peeling of the skin

- Jojoba oil creates the sustainable and elastic layer over the skin, which it nourishes and prevents from unfavorable influence.

Suitable for all tipes of skin and for every day use.

Apply morning and evening to well-cleaned skin around the eyes.

Paraben free

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