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'Ikarov Ltd. - This is Nature'.

Ikarov COMPANY was established in 1991.

In 1993 Ikarov Ltd. started the production of natural cosmetics - pure plant oils for skin and hair.

In 1997 a new line was successfully developed - aromatherapy. The natural products made by the company ensure a total face, body, hair and nail care. Due to their high quality ingredients the massage oils are efficient in the fight with cellulites, obesity, striae. They contribute to body relaxation as well. Ikarov Ltd. natural cosmetic products are a separate niche in the market which has been developing faster and faster, winning more and more new consumers. The packing for personal and professional use are well-accepted in pharmacies, drug stores, cosmetic shops, spa centers and massage salons.

Since 2002 the company has had a certified Management Quality System - ISO 9001. Satisfying the demand for high-grade natural cosmetic products at reasonable prices Ikarov Ltd. sees as its special mission.