Anti-age face oil mature skin

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Anti-age face oil mature skin with Bulgarian rose absolute

Oil for mature and very dry skin - meant for very dry and devitalized skin.

The base is a combination of olive phytosterols and two plant oils with strong nourishing action - apricot and wheat germ.

The biologically active substances retard aging processes of the skin, improve skin hydration and neutralize free radicals.

The essential oils -rose and nerouli with their regenerative effect at cells' level stimulate the elimination of old cells

and the growth of new ones.

The sandalwood and frankincense oils moisturize and soothe the skin,

preserve its freshness and smooth the wrinkles leaving it vital, supple and smooth.


Self-massage stimulates blood circulation of skin and subcutaneous tissues; as a result the metabolism is improved,

puffiness is reduced and skin elasticity is increased.

While performing the self-massage, all motions should be light, free and should follow the basic face lines.

The pleasure of breathing in the phytoaromacosmetic compositions soothes the nervous system, i

mproves your sleep and ensures your self-confidence during the following day.

With light, horizontal motions, apply the desired by you oil to low-neck, neck and face,

starting from one shoulder towards the other; proceed with vertical motions beginning from your chin,

cheek bones, eye contour and finish with the forehead.

Go back to low-neck and with rhythmic, not very strong, sliding motions, massage for 2-3 minutes.

With your right hand, stroke the left half of the neck towards the chin. Mind not to touch thyroid gland.

Perform the motion about 10 times.

Set your three fingers (forefinger, middle finger and forth finger) in such a position,

that the middle finger is exactly on the wrinkles line. with light, circular motions from the outer

towards the inner side of the neck, massage, following the line of each wrinkle.

Do this 5 times and finish with the stoking motion, shown already.

Repeat the procedure with the right side of the neck.

Stroke your cheeks with your three fingers (forefinger, middle finger and forth finger),

starting from the middle of your chin towards the ears.

Massage with light, circular motions, tap with finger tips and stoke 5-6 times.

The nasal-mouth fold is a delicate and vulnerable spot of the face so do not forget to massage it regularly.

Start with stroking motions from the lips' corners to the nose base, exactly along the wrinkle line.

Continue with the fourth finger applying circular motions, then tapping motions,

then again with the fourth finger massage applying light pressure.

Do this 5-6 times.

With the middle finger, stroke your nose from the nostrils towards the base;

massage with light, circular motions, tap then stroke again. Do this within 1-2 minutes.

Eye contour is the most delicate and sensitive area of the face.

Daily care is necessary so that its youth be secured.

Here is an easy applicable and effective self-massage, which will smooth eye contour,

remove traces of tiredness and reduce dark circles and pouches in this area.

With your fourth fingers, apply stroking motions starting from between the eyebrows,

moving along the eyebrows towards the temples, the end of the lower eyelid to the inner corner of your eyes.

With gentle circular motions, massage, following the same line. In turns,

massage with stroking then circular motions within 2-3 minutes.

Fix the outer angle of the eye with the point finger and middle finger of one hand;

with the fourth finger of the other hand, massage in a circle for 2-3 minutes.

Stroke and tap the lower eye lid.

For smooth skin of the forehead, we recommend tapping and stroking motions,

starting from the middle of the forehead towards the temples and from the middle of the eyebrows towards the hair.

Perform the tapping and stroking motions in succession.

If there are wrinkles on the forehead already, fix them with your point and middle fingers of one hand and

with the fourth finger of the other hand, massage with spiral motions along the line of the wrinkle.

With the tips of your fingers, tap all over the face; mind that the fingers touch your face in succession and not all together.

The tapping performed in this way stimulates the blood flow,

improves blood circulation and has a reflex effect on the nervous system.

Finish the massage with gentle soothing motions following the lines of the whole face.


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