Protective anti-aging cream DNA SPF 30

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Protective anti-aging cream SPF 30
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Provides a high degree of photo protection SPF 30 and counteracts the skin ageing processes.

The RENOVAGE ™ molecule is a patented formula which facilitates telomere preservation and combats the stress the skin is exposed to.

It smoothes wrinkles and fine lines. The blueberries extract - the most efficient natural antioxidant, revitalizes, improves elasticity and moisturises in depth.

The product contains also wheat germ oil and collagen.

THE RESULT: Protected from the sun, firmer, fresher, younger and full of energy skin.

Application: Apply evenly on the face and neck before sun exposure. To maintain protection apply again and again, especially after perspiration,

swimming and towelling. A decrease in the amount considerably lowers the level of protection. It does not guarantee 100 % protection.