Rose water is a natural product derived from a certain technological regime of the distillation of rose blossom and the required ratio of rose blossom and water in the distillation vessel.

100% natural Bulgarian rose oil.

The best rose oil according to the climate and the plant varieties comes from the “heart” of Bulgaria – the Rose Valley. It is known all over the world and it is at the price of gold! The rose oil smoothes the skin, stimulates cells regeneration, has bactericidal action and unique properties. It is used also in aromatherapy – removes melancholy, acts stimulating to the senses, increases the self esteem and even the libido, where probably comes the other name of the rose – “flower of love”…

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Rose water and Rose oil

Natural Rose water

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Natural Rose Water Prestige

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Rose oil Regina Floris

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Rose water Milva

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Rose water Milva Spray

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Rose water Royal Rose

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Rose water with rose oil Leganza

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